Family Iridaceae

Family Iridaceae


Crocosmia Masonorum
Captured Summer 2007

The Standing Daylily

LilyPosted by leticia 06 Dec, 2007 15:09:18

I dedicate this Photography to the Birthday of my girl Christine .... the Sta. Claus Day ... the 6th of December.

... and I wish her Health ... Happiness ... Wisdom and Contentment ... to be able to cope up with her Life's Endevour / Vocation to the Path of Her Destiny with full of LOVE and PEACE.


The above photo is one of the more other captures last summer 2007.

A Day under the Sun and the Daylily with a small Bees ...

How fascinating can a day start with this wonderfull scenery of nature full of colors and life under the sunshine.

The capture of this model was an inspiration for the whole photomarch of that particular day of summer 2007.

Please enjoy the Aura of this Model.

Be inspired just like the small Bees on it enjoying the fragrance of the fresh and beautiful creation of nature!

Till then and best Regards

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