Lily .... Lilia .... Lilium

Lily .... Lilia .... Lilium

A Personal Research about "Lily"

It is my "Time" to talk about the "Time"

It is time for tea or coffee again?

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Let us talk about the following:

A Research About The Lily

I made a research about the beautiful Lily / Lilium …. my first (ever) deep literature research about this topic … My usual … ( from the heart … we call it LOVE / INTUITION? ) … fascination to this flower is deeply awakened after this research … through the inspiration of my photography … that I started summer 2007 … my first collections …. and there is a drive of nature that is moving me to move on and to dig more and more which I herewith (the present status 2007 month of December) share it with you.

Ancient Symbols of Lily:

v Greek – Hera

v Romans – Juno

v in the Art BC – Christus /Christ, the light of the world

v in MA – The Mercy of God

The Oldest Lily (Lilies) of them all …. from ca. 100 kinds of Lilies aside from the cultured assortment of hybrids of today’s (2007) generation:

1) Lilium Bulbiferum – Fire Lily – (Feuer-Lilie) - we can find it in the meadows of the mountain’s top and in the Alps which is under (Naturschutz) the Nature Protection Law. Its colours are: Fire red with black dots petals on it and it comes in single big long buds.

2) Lilium Regale – Kings Lily – (Königs-Lilie) – Its colours (Lily from West China) consist of pink / russet from the outside and white from the inside of the petals and in the heart of it … it is can Arian / (gold?) yellow and it comes in closely group buds. It has an entrant scent.

3) Lilium Candidum – White Lily – (Madonnen-(Weisse) – Lilie) - we can find it in the East Coast and South West of Asia. It is pure silky white with a delicate scent and appears in bundles and was highly treasured as a medicinal flower against swell and burned skins in the ancient times.

4) Lilium Speciosum – Splendour Lily – (Pracht-Lilie) – It is a mixture or tainted of white and red colours that comes from Japan, Taiwan, and China.

5) Lilium Lancifolium – Tiger Lily – It comes in bright mixture of orange, red and dark (Purpur) violet? Colours of petals that appears in long closed bundles. Which are found in China and Japan.

6) Lilium Martagon – Turkish Lily – (Türkenbund-Lilie) - Which is under the Nature Protection Law (Eurasiens) found in the meadows of the mountain’s top. The hanging Lily flower with light (Purpur) violet? and striped / shadowed with dark violet petals and appears in long loosely bundles.

And many more …. Like:

(with my own view of interpretations from it’s Given Name interpreted as listed respectively.)

v Fackellilie – Torch lily - the Torch, the light … for us to see …

v Faltenlilie – Folded lily - the Pages, the chances of life for us to be opened

v Flachslilie – Flat lily - the House / Home, to find the heart where we belong

v Graslilie – Grass Lily - the Roots, to feel … it is the time for us to grow

v Grünlilie – Green lily - to learn to see Colours, the abstract / contrast / the other side of the coin …

v Hackenlilie – Field lily - to get the Hoe, for it is time for us to go to work …

v Schwertlilie - Sword lily - to find / know and give Knowledge / Justice to the world … and

v Taglilie – Daylily – to do Our Daily Bread, to reached WISDOM.

These interpretation comes from the deepest of my heart … and it is growing to be my Art of Science.

Let us talk about „TIME“

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It is time to talk about the different types of time!

I the counted time of HOURS

II the uncountable time of LIFE

III the unexpected time of the TRUTH


about the road heading to the time,

that is bound for us TO BE DONE!

Let me count the time table of the uncountable TIME:

To be Born

To be a Baby

To be a Child

To be a Teenager

To be an Adult

To be Matured

To be a Parent

To be a Grandparent

Then … the unexpected time of the TRUTH

To be Dead

What have I done during those time?

I repeat:

The time to be born

The time to be a baby

The time to be a child

The time to be a teenager

The time to be an adult

The time to be called matured

For the time to be a parent …

This is the present time where I am in …

The time that I am a parent … then … this is the time …

I started to asked the following questions:

What am I doing?

For my children …

For me …

For my family and friends… and for the world …

What sense does it make?

Again … I repeat:

The time I was born

The time I was a child

The time I was a teenager

The time I was an adult

The time I was getting matured

The time I am a parent

The time to get ready to be a grandparent

It is a time for me to ask the following questions:

Am I happy?

Am I healthy?

Am I poor or rich? (I don’t count the material world in this question)

Am I doing what I should /shall do?

Do I know what I am suppose to do …

should / shall do, as a grandparent?

Then … it is the time of the TRUTH!

My time of Birth

My time of being a Child

My time of being a Teenager

My time of Adulthood

My time of Maturity

My Parenthood time

It is the time to prepare for the STONE of one’s LIFE

To know how to walk to the road of no return …

To the road of EXAMPLE for the following time of another LIVES!

To say “yes” to the truth of the time of Death!

What is the truth of my life?

How can I reach the road of this truth?

… and … only time can answer … in my Time To Come…again …

The End … to the so called Death!

Thank you for having your time around and for reading my journals … and I wish you all the best of light and inspiration of your own favourite Lily.

My best Regards

and till then … to the next tea or coffee?


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